Finally we re launching the new website , re gonna give u regular updates of whats happening.Im gonna try to send a little message and info personally every week-keep things alive .
Well.I ve been away for a while and did some travelling on many different levels .Wrote a lot of music..Ended up i Los Angeles for a while and formed the band Ringo Franco with Jaakko Manninen(Beats and Styles)We ve recorded an album and did some touring on the westcoast..Look out for big things very soon!! (see links)

Now 2012 is the return for Papa dee with nuff things happening.Im releasing my new reggae album Fall From Grace in scandinavia.Give nuff thanx to Partillo ,Lancelot and Hot this year band who gave their strenght and support and helped me get back on track .Same goes for Internal dread whos been a great support.!My crew My family!

In Europe my album A little way different/Jamaican giants is finally getting a proper release courtesy Backuprecordings based in France .Big up to Lee King and his crew.First countries are France Benelux and Switzerland.Poland next.We added a bonustrack from the original release.Brand new track called .Cant hold us down produced by Lancelot
Brooklyn Funk Essentials are playing a few dates this year (see link)and we re getting together to record a new album.Looking forward to that.Its gonna be a lot of fun.
Me and my longtime friend Lati Kronlund ,bassplayer/bandleader are doing some dj gigs as BFE djs-Istanbul and Paris look out!(see link)

Big up all my fans and real friends!!!