2012 was a rough year .The death of my dear friend,producer and collaborator Tom ”Internal Dread” Hofwander was a heavy blow to me and a lot of other people both personally and professionally.He was a great instigator of things, a real doer who inspired a lot of us to do great things and to stretch our views.RIP my brother!!!

We all got to keep on moving and slowly but shurely things are getting back on track on a creative level at least.

2013 was full of good live moments.Live and direct with the great band First Light at the big Furuvik Reggae Festival was one of them !Another one was live with Hot this year Band in Algeria..Brooklyn Funk Essentials in Istanbul.
I also did a lot of dancehall gigs with my fellow dj veteran Governor Andy-Back to the roots!!One microphone not necessarily 2 turntables.A side ah vocal B side ah version!! Boom!

I ve been arranging and writing some songs with First Light and our plan is to put out a Showcase album-6 songs plus dub versions-both vinyl and digital stylee.. Look out fe a musical Murder coming your way!!

Rccknroll mets reggae in the spirit of 1977!!Brand new project Ringo Franco is slowly but surely getting wings!! We ve recorded some songs and we re shooting some videos this autumn

the Mighty Brooklyn Funk Essentials is moving!! We ve started our new album .We got quite a lot odf songs done and its sounding GREAT-New drummer Morgan Agren is adding to the fatness!!!

Im also writing songs and working with different people on a project thats gonna be different

Need to keep on moving

until next time