2014 is gonna be a good one!

I can feel a different energy!2012 and 2013 were kinda heavy on many levels. Sorry this page has been kinda dead this autumn.Thats all gonna change.

Exciting new year with upcoming releases from different projects

Reggae Blacka stylee(live in the studio reggae with some of swedens best players/redhut productions in skarblacka)

Reggae First Light stylee(collaboration with the mighty roots reggae band First Light-We ve done some great live shows together and we re now taking it to a next level. Boom)

Partillo Productions-Return to the dancehall(back to where I started-some old school dj business-working with the great Partillo again who did most of the work on my ”Fall from Grace ” album)

My rock /dancehall band RINGOFRANCO  coming out with videos and tunes -New style-Ragamuffin Rocker.

Brooklyn Funk Essentials is finally coming out with new material

Producer and dj Freddie Crueger/Red Astaire and Myself have been cooking up some wickedness together-

So watch out 2014

will keep u updated about digital and vinyl releases

Talk soon
Papa Dee