New York City-Run Tings Festival -Ringo Franco


Been to New York for studio recordings and filming with the Brooklyn Funk Essentials
We re starting a fundraising so we can finish our new fantastic record.
Interesting times with a lot of new ways to make music and get your stuff out there.Great to meet some old Brooklyn Funk Essentials members and work in the studio.Bfe going full circle.Big up Lati ,Yancy,Joi,Stephanie,Danny,Masa,Josh,Bill
Check us out on Flickr,Facebook and all the other social medias
Did Run Tings Festival in Kiel-Nuff good vibes-Big up Jah Screechy.Mr Williams and the Run Tings crew
Ringo Franco s debut single is out!!
Things are starting to move and we got some great gigs coming up
Rock an bloodklaat roll !!